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Checkered Sweatshirt/Denim Jacket - Women's 1X

Checkered Sweatshirt/Denim Jacket - Women's 1X

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New "Check Me Out" collection. This jacket is made from an up-cycled denim jacket and checkered hoodie to create a true one-of-a-kind! 

• Size: Women’s 1X
• Jacket Brand: Levi's
• Hoodie Brand: Van's
• Made by cutting up and re-sewing denim jacket and hoodie together
• This jacket has a denim body and sweatshirt sleeves and hood
• Every piece has been sustainably sourced and reworked to be made like no other
• Denim has a lot of stretch

🌵 I would recommend measuring a jacket that fits good to make sure this jacket will fit you properly.

(With item lying flat)
• Shoulder Width = 21"
• Chest = 22"
• Waist (flat) = 22"
• Back Length (from neck) = 23"
• Sleeve Length (from shoulder) = 25"

I am happy to answer any questions you have.

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